Preparing for your Tiger this Summer

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With the end of the school year fast approaching it is time to start getting ready for your Tiger to come home. It is important to remember that your student has lived almost an entire year as an independent young adult, and that they might have different habits and routines then they did last year. These changes can be nerve-racking but should also make you proud as a parent, knowing that they are becoming the responsible young adults you have brought them up to be! For some tips on how to adjust to your new lives with your Tiger, please see below 🙂

  1. Discuss a general schedule for the summer. This will help you set the groundwork for the entire family. Remember, communication is key to a happy household so whether they are working or not, it is important to figure out things such as. (but not limited to):
    • When will you or your Tiger definitely be gone for the day?
    • Are you sharing a car?
    • What time do they need to be up by?
    • Do they need to text you throughout the day/night?
  1. Schedule time together. With all the excitement of coming home they will surely be very busy with a job, volunteering and/or spending time with family and friends. It is important to schedule a time for the family to spend together. You could offer to bring them to their favorite local restaurant or go get their favorite desert. This is a great opportunity to discuss the rest of the rules for living at home (see Tip #3). Respecting each other’s time by scheduling family events in advance is a great way to start off your summer together.
  1. Set rules/chores. It is unreasonable to think your Tiger will have the same rules as they did in high school, but your home is not a hotel either. Curfews are important to discuss as well as communication methods if they are out with their friends. Do you want them to call or send a text message when they are on their way home? Will you require their friend’s phone numbers in case you cannot get in contact with them? In addition, do they have chores around the house like washing the dishes or taking out the trash (in addition to any job or volunteer work they might be doing)? These rules and chores are important to discuss ahead of time with your Tiger so you are on the same page throughout the entire summer.
  1. Give your Tiger some space. This goes against the very nature of being a parent because you want to know what the year was like as well as what experiences they had, but it is important to give them some space and privacy too. Try not to collect piles of their dirty laundry or go in their bedroom without them there as they have learned to manage on their own for almost a year. It is important to give your Tiger room to breathe as well as time to get acclimated to their new life at home.
  1. Show them the love. Most of all, your Tiger is excited to be home with you and is probably ready to tell you about their experiences at LSU. Cooking their favorite meal, stealing hugs and kisses as well as watching a favorite show together will create lasting memories for the summer.

These tips will quickly get your family adjusting to life together again! Remember, every family is different and that these are general tips of what to expect this summer, but you know your Tiger best.

What experiences have you had before with your Tiger coming home? We would love to hear your tips in the comments!


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