LSU Homecoming Court 2016

drakeDrake Boudreaux serves as a student assistant for Parent & Family Programs.  Drake is from Lafayette, LA and pursuing a degree in Mass Communication-Digital Advertising.

Serving as a senior class representative on LSU’s 2016 Homecoming Court is, without doubt, one of the highest honors I’ve ever received. Representing the university in such a unique way has allowed me to reflect on everything the university has done for me. In my past three years at LSU, I have found myself being molded in to a more rational, confident and enthusiastic leader and community member. LSU taught me to be open-minded, in all aspects of the phrase, and that open mindedness is the foundation upon which my LSU experience was built.

With a population exceeding 30,000 people on campus, LSU brings together students and faculty from every corner of the world. Stepping on campus for the first time, I was immediately exposed to viewpoints, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs that were completely foreign to me. It was in this unfamiliarity that I learned how important it is for students keep an open mind, because only then are we able to truly recognize that our differences are what make us both unique and beautiful. Whether I was encountering thousands of incoming students and their parents at orientation or studying abroad in Greece, LSU afforded countless opportunities to me to expand my perception of the world and discover new facets of myself in the process. As a result of these new opportunities and relationships, I was challenged to find the confidence to pursue excellence. The students at this university are confident in their decisions and hold themselves to a higher standard. Being surrounded by such an ambitious group of peers instilled in me a stronger sense of conviction that has allowed me to go beyond my comfort zone and fearlessly explore undiscovered capabilities.  Never in a million years did I think I would have the confidence to speak in front of hundreds on behalf of the university or even sing a solo on the Union Theatre stage, but LSU empowered me to do so.


Another thing I gained from my LSU experience is wholeheartedly displaying unwavering and relentless passion for the university. There is a raw spirit that emanates from the students, faculty and staff that is truly indescribable. I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous organizations that not only call for this passion in their members, but who also strive to fuel that passion around our campus community. Whether I was happily losing my voice cheering along participants at STRIPES or representing LSU’s unique spirit before other universities at regional conferences, I have appreciated the unique chances that I’ve had to display my passion for this place. I believe LSU instills the mentality that we are here to walk across a stage in four years and receive a highly respected degree, but we are going to passionately enjoy the unique time we have here. I have embraced that mentality. Needless to say, attending LSU has transformed me in to an individual that I am very proud to be and to represent a school that has done so much for me at such a special time has been a truly incredible experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of the experience was that I got share the day with my family. While I have enjoyed being extremely involved at LSU, unfortunately it has prevented me from spending as much time as I would like in my hometown, Lafayette, with the family that has made it possible for me to be here. Regardless of how many birthday parties, crawfish boils, or weddings that I’ve missed over the years, my family’s relentless and unwavering support has absolutely been the reason I’ve been able to accomplish everything I have at LSU. So this past Saturday when I was able to treat them to such a special event for LSU, it made the past few years of stress and many sleepless nights all worth it. Their attendance gave me a chance to immerse them in the culture that I’ve fallen in love with over my time here, and for that I am

In addition to all that mushy gushy stuff, being on LSU’s Homecoming Court is just a really cool experience. The process began with an extensive application, being invited to attend an interview, participating in an interview and finally being selected to be a part of a group of 16 of LSU students from all over campus. Getting to know all the members of court and share in the unique experience with them was really so much fun. I was honored to spend my last homecoming alongside some of the universities best and brightest.

drake-2In addition, Campus Life does an amazing job filling homecoming week with a ton of exciting events that get students engaged in addition to giving back to the community. All these events culminated on Saturday, the day that hosted most of the events for court. We began with a parade that wrapped around the exterior of campus. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to ride in a corvette and throw beads at tiger fans screaming “Geaux Tigers!” as if their lives depended upon it? We then attended a luncheon with our families in the student union, with Miss LSU and the past LSU Homecoming King and Queen as guest speakers. One of my favorite parts of the day was marching down victory hill behind the Golden Band from Tigerland. Our day concluded in Tiger Stadium watching the tigers take on Missouri and walk down the 50 yard line at halftime to crown this year’s king and queen. Being on LSU’s Homecoming Court truly was an unforgettable experience and one that I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of.


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