Finals Week Wrap Up


My name is Cameron Frazier and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student from Lacassine, Louisiana. I am currently serving as the Head Parent Orientation Leader for the upcoming summer of 2016. I have also served as an Orientation Leader and a member of STRIPES staff in the past. My parents, Ralph and Peggy Frazier, also serve as members of the Family Association Council. I began my collegiate career as Political Science major hoping to go to law school before eventually switching to Petroleum Engineering then Mechanical Engineering. I might have extended my time here at LSU, but I am very excited to have some extra time loving purple and living gold!!

Finals week: another has come and gone. With any luck, there won’t be too many more of these in my future. It can be an extremely stressful time for any student and an equally joyful time when that last test is finally turned in and you can FINALLY focus on what that glorious winter break holds: family time that you might never admit you enjoy, breaking your personal record for hours slept, and eating your body weight in home cooked meals and sugar (or maybe that just describes me, not sure). Before that, though, I think back on this finals week, and the numerous ones that came before it. Again, if you ask any studentIMG_0627, chances are they will be adamant about the unreal stress they experience during this cruel week. Getting to a point where you can wrap up the week and eventually the semester can seem impossible at times. The crazy thing, though, is not everything finals week presents is awful and stress-filled. Believe it or not, some strangely wonderful memories come from this week. I seem to always find myself surrounded by my friends during these weeks, which may or may not be a great study strategy.
Either way there is something very comforting about being surrounded by your friends, knowing how vital it is that you all stay busy so you “survive.” We always find it impossible to search for open spaces in the library, so instead we scurry to a building in the quad and snag an open classroom. This is where the fun begins. By fun, I of course mean the unmistakable grind that every LSU student adopts during this week. We always agree to a predetermined amount of time that we will study without speaking to each other. I wish I could tell you we are generally successful in following this silent time, but typically someone rolls off something so hilarious it disrupts our entire workflow. Chances are it’s never actually funny; it’s just lack-of-sleep delirium kicking in. This in a nutshell, is the beauty of grinding through finals week. Is it stressful? Sure. Is it easy to freak out at the shear size of the to-do-list? Of course. But the work always gets done and the tests always get taken; if you’re lucky you may even have a few bright spots along the way. Regardless of what you are (student, parent, or family member), trust that process and count down the minutes until those glorious winter break events I mentioned. Or that might still be just me……


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