Tips for Your Tiger Week 2

Blaise profileMeet Blaise LaCour. She is a sophomore from Natchitoches, Louisiana. She is majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism. Blaise is involved in LSU Ambassadors, Tiger TV and the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity. Her favorite place on campus is 203 Herget Hall. This summer she will be serving as the Parent Orientation Leader for the College of Art and Design.

The relationship between parents and their children is an ongoing struggle.

While parents give us everything they have, we love to take them for granted. Coming to LSU means your student has complete freedom and it’s up to them as to what they do with it. My advice to parents sending their children off to college is to trust their own parenting skills. It’s now your job as proud parents to take a small step back and see all your efforts at work! This new separation will make your student appreciate you more than you know.

It took me moving hours away from home to realize that my parents had completely prepared me for life on my own. Not only did they give me the gifts of integrity and self-confidence, but they also taught me how to respect everyone I come into contact with. blaiseWhen it came to school they had always given me the independence to go after whatever I wanted, and this freedom allowed me to accomplish big things in high school. Now they were blessing me with the opportunity to take LSU by storm. By using the life skills they had equipped me with my freshman year was a success.

Their support gave me the ability to balance my new college curriculum with the several organizations that I had gotten involved in. But support alone didn’t get me through my first year at LSU. The fundamentals I was taught growing up kept me afloat, and I’m forever grateful to my parents for that.

Just remember, parents, don’t doubt your own abilities. Your student can achieve anything because you have helped them get this far. LSU is a font of opportunity that your student is more than capable of using to their advantage. You’ve prepared them their whole lives or this moment. From prioritizing their school and social life to keeping their rooms tidy, know that you have taught them well. Congratulations parents on a job well done!


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