Summer in Baton Rouge

IMG_0723Meet Reem Al-Juriad, a first-year student in the Masters of Higher Education Administration program. She is currently serves as a graduate assistant in the office of Student Advocacy & Accountability. Reem earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University in May 2014. Her hometown is Mandeville, Louisiana and loves all that the boot has to offer!

Summertime in Baton Rouge is a wonderful chance to explore the city without the hour-long traffic delays. One of my favorite activities is exploring downtown Baton Rouge. Saturday mornings at the Main Street farmer’s markets are filled with local vendors all selling BR favorites from fruits and veggies to sweet treats.IMG_2419 If you get there early, take a tour of the capital and walk up the steps to the top to see the beauty of Baton Rouge. You can also tour the old governor’s mansion and learn some history of the capital. The best place for coffee any day of the week (except Sundays because they are closed) is Magpie Coffee off of Perkins. Not only do they have phenomenal service, but their coffee and delicious treats will keep you going back as a regular customer. If you want to experience the nature and get away from reality take a trip to Tunica Hills about an hour outside of Baton Rouge. The creeks and trails are not only a great workout, but you truly experience the beauty and nature of our state. If you enjoy live music and great Mexican food, Superior Grill off of Government Street is where you should go! Their food and drinks are spectacular and who wouldn’t want a free concert with friends?! My favorite LSU experience during the summer has to be utilizing the UREC. Normally during the school year I am so busy with other things, I forget about the many activities other than working out they offer. My friends and I rented a canoe last summer and took an afternoon adventure canoeing around the LSU lakes! Experiences like these are the ones that remind me why Baton Rouge is truly more than a college campus. Start your summer bucket list and enjoy your time in Baton Rouge! IMG_0693


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