Meet a tiger momma, Peggy Frazier, from Lacassine, Louisiana. She is the wife of Ralph Frazier and proud Mom of Cameron Frazier, Petroleum Engineering major and an LSU Ambassador. Peggy remains involved with Parent & Family Programs by serving as a member of the LSU Family Association Council. She works part time billing for rural medical clinic and enjoys to spend a lot of time travelling. Peggy Loves Purple and Lives Gold!

We recently attended the LSU Family Association Spring Event hosted by Parent & Family Programs. It was our second year in a row attending the Spring Event and we intend to do it every year until our son graduates from LSU, or we become too feeble to attend (which may actually happen if he keeps changing his major). If you thought this was something you could miss out on, here are a few reasons to change your mind!

1. FOOD—and by food I mean there are mass amounts, you won’t go hungry! At the most recent Spring Event, boiled crawfish, jambalaya, corn, and potatoes were catered…Do you really need to see any other reason to attend?

OK…I guess you do………

2. COMRADERIE—you really can’t beat sitting around with other parents who can feel your pain.RandP at Spring Event

The first Spring Event we attended, we commiserated with other freshman parent peers about how much we missed our Tiger and how ‘the empty nest’ is actually a place, a very lonely place. We asked tentatively if their Tigers were calling them daily and breathed a sigh of relief when we realized we weren’t the only ones who had missed hearing our Tiger’s voice and looking forward to that next “ding” of a text message. It was comforting when us Moms were able to slip away and share our tricks of the trade to cope with our students being away from home. (A quick tip, I enjoy watching the home football games and trying to pick my tiger out of the crowd!)

Our second Spring Event went a little differently…we had some seniority (as well as some perspective) and were able to walk around and assure the newbies that time will indeed heal their pain. Don’t get me wrong…us Moms still had to sneak away and update each other on all of our tricks!

3. TIGER TIME!— It’s great to have your tiger with you at the Parent & Family Programs events. Not only do I love spending time with my tiger, but I enjoy the opportunity to get to know other tigers and their parents. Throughout the events coordinated by Parent & Family Programs we have gotten to know so many other families from all around the country!

P.S. One thing we did both years was to buy a couple of extra tickets for our tiger’s friends whose parents were not able to attend. There is something very heartwarming about spending time with the folks who spend time with your tiger, and what a great group of kids!IMG_2765 (2)

Surely you can see why family events are a MUST DO! It’s not too early to start planning for the next upcoming event, Family Weekend, which is October 2-4. SAVE THE DATE!!


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