Tips for “Geauxing Green” at LSU

10606277_10202321316147773_4548069616770121239_nMeet Josh Finch, a first-year student in the Master’s of Higher Education Administration program. He earned his Bachelors degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University in May of 2014. An Michigander at heart, Josh has encountered many cultural differences in the bayou! He has grown quite fond of SEC football, 70 degree weather in January, and Southern hospitality.

“Going green” is a buzzword that can be heard daily in college life. As a new Tiger myself, I went on a quest to discover how I could best “geaux green” in the land of purple and gold. I learned a whole lot from this too. To be green doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegan, hippie, who washes their hair with a homemade apple cider vinegar recipe. Going green is simple, easy, cheap, and makes you feel like you can pat yourself on the back. Here are some simple ways to Love Purple, Live Gold, and Stay Green at LSU!

Ditch Bottled Water

This is a touchy subject for people, but bottled water is the worst. Now before you check out and stop reading, hear me out! About 80% of water bottles are thrown into the trash. The energy, natural resources, and landfill space that result from bottled water are insane. Plus a lot of the time you’re just drinking filtered tap water (although we’re tricked to believe it’s spring water from the pristine peaks of some exotic mountain).

Find a reusable water bottle (glass if you’re really feeling it –always BPA-free plastic) and use that! There is no shortage of water fountains at LSU. If you’re set on the need for filtered water, invest in a water filter pitcher (or even one of the water filter reusable water bottles!) and fill up before you head out to class. Consider investing in a reusable travel mug for your coffee while you’re at it! They’re cool, sustainable, and a lot of places on campus will give you a discount!

Get Walking!

LSU is a pedestrian campus during business hours – this means that most cars cannot drive across campus without going all the way around during the school day. Get your steps in for the day and take a walk to class, lunch, the grocery store, or wherever you need to go. This saves gas, time in some cases, and gets your blood moving. If you want a speedy method of transportation – invest in a bicycle. They can cut though the areas of campus that cars can’t and you can usually find some pretty cheap at the bike auction every fall!

Geaux Thrifting

Thrift shopping is the best. You can find tons of amazing things at awesome prices. It’s hip to rock a unique thrift store sweater in the winter months, and you can find shorts and LSU gear galore in the fall. It’s super cheap, it’s hip, it cuts down on waste, and many thrift stores support local charities and help the community. You can find clothes, decorations, books (not typically the school kind), and the random awesome things that you can’t leave the store without purchasing.

LSU is a great place to live and is on it’s way to becoming a more sustainable, earth friendly place for students to grow. You don’t have to change your whole life to geaux green, but with just a few simple tricks, you can make a difference!

Other Tips and Tricks to Geaux Green at LSU

  • Use cold water when doing your laundry and only do full loads
  • Use sustainable detergent if you’re feeling extra earth friendly
  • Take advantage of e-books or purchase used textbooks (amazon smile donates to charity when you buy through them!)
  • If you buy used, look for the closest location shipped from that’s still priced well
  • Take reusable bags with you to the grocery store
  • Check out the Baton Rouge Farmer’s Market every Saturday for fresh local produce
  • Purchase low-power florescent or LED light bulbs for your lamps
  • Reuse paper and print double sided
  • Donate some of the clothes that you’re going to leave at home and never wear again. Someone will love it!

Geaux Green


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