University Recreation programs and expansion

Tara Harrington is a Senior Kinesiology Major, with a minor in Psychology. This summer Tara served as a Parent Orientation Leader for the University College Center for Advising and Counseling, which is home to all our Allied Health and Nursing Majors. As a student, Tara serves as both a Residential Assistant and an LSU Ambassador. After graduation, Tara hopes to attend Physical Therapy School.

When coming to LSU from high school, one of my biggest worries was gaining the historical “Freshman 15”. I’m a Kinesiology Major, so I am very interested in fitness and I love to work out! For me, exercise is a great way to relieve the stress that comes from school and work. Thankfully, LSU’s University Recreational Center, or UREC, is located on campus. This place has it ALL! From machine weights to rock climbing, there is always something to do. For students that prefer working out in a group, the UREC offers several group fitness classes that are scheduled conveniently to fit in students’ schedules.

I decided to apply for a student job at the UREC during my second year. I worked in the weight room as a fitness assistant, and got experience helping patrons with any questions they had. I loved working there because I got to schedule my work hours around all of my classes!

LSU’s goal of being number one doesn’t stop on the football field. Currently the University Recreational Center is undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation! This renovation includes updating the outdoor and indoor facilities, and adding an indoor inclined track, that when complete will be the largest university indoor track in the south! LSU is also adding a lazy river in the shape of the letters “L S U”! If that’s not school spirit, I’m not sure what is. Encourage your student to stay active and find out what the UREC can offer them!10410145_10204408465070949_8382853782003777935_n


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