Making the Most of Being Far Away

bridget blogBridget Bailey is an out-of-state senior from Los Angeles, California and is a majoring in Communications Studies. She has been involved with LSU Ambassadors for the past 3 years and loves recruiting new students! She was beyond thrilled to reach out to Parents this summer as a Parent Orientation Leader and share her passion for the University as well as support parents before sending their students to college. Bridget is very excited to graduate this upcoming December and hopefully pursue a career in Human Resources.

When I decided to attend LSU, I knew one of the hardest aspects to overcome would be being so far away from home. I was nervous about not seeing my family everyday and finding new friends to connect with along with transitioning into college. My parents and I were very open with how difficult it might be, which made me less anxious about moving. We were open about our fears and worries aboLA blog postut being separated and talked about how we can stay in contact. Figuring out which communication method would work for us made the whole experience so much easier. The first semester was the hardest, but with some effort and creativity, my parents and I were just fine! Using the combination of skyping, texting, calling, and emailing, we were able to either have short and sweet conversations or long heart to hearts. Also, add in the amazing support I had from my parents about getting involved on campus and I became way more confident being out of my comfort zone!  Whatever works for your family, I encourage y’all to talk about it and try different combinations. Each family is so unique, but every family wants to stay connected. I hope the best for all of you and wish the best for your tigers’ first semester!


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