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katKat is a junior, from New Orleans, LA, studying mass communications with a minor in leadership development. As a Junior, Kat has served on the Freshman Advising and Preregistration Team for two summers. She currently serves as an LSU Ambassador and as a Student Senator in LSU Student Government. This summer, Kat is beyond excited to serve as a Parent Orientation Leader for the College of Engineering and a Small Group leader for STRIPES.


When stepping foot on LSU’s campus, I was immediately presented with the vast opportunities that you can have as an LSU student. At STRIPES, an extended orientation program for first year students, I was able to meet many different leaders that were involved in many diverse organizations on campus. In addition, there was a presentation specially geared to aiding students on getting involved as an LSU student.  At the presentation, I was encouraged to attend the LSU Welcome Week, known as Bengal Bound. This week was full of exciting events and free food, which all college students love.

Kat stripes

Once I got settled on campus, my involvement journey all started in my residential hall. friends from residence hallI started by branching out and getting to know different people in my community in South Hall. From watching tv in our common areas to studying in our study rooms, I loved connecting with other students. After meeting so many new friends in my residential hall, I decided to find more ways to get involved on campus. My friends and I took a visit to Free Speech Plaza where we were able to get more information about the over 400 organizations LSU has to offer. From this experience, I decided to begin my journey as an LSU Ambassador and a member of LSU Student Government. Both of these opportunities have made an incredible impact on my LSU experience.


Every student’s journey at LSU is different, so encourage your student to get involved with an organization or community that they are truly passionate about. Friends for a lifetime can come in the most unexpected ways, and with endless opportunities getting involved truly makes a student’s time at LSU more memorable.lsu ambassadorsKAT


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