The LSU Tiger Card: Your Key to Campus

Mmorgan 1organ Decuir is currently a senior at LSU majoring in Elementary Education. She loves serving her university as a member of LSU Ambassadors, and she is also a proud member of Kappa Delta Epsilon and Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL). Throughout her years at LSU, she participated in SPRINGFEST as a Team Leader, served on the SPRINGFEST Executive Board as the Associate Chair for Events and Training, and served on the Student Support Service’s Student Activities Board as the Communications Liaison. This summer she is the Parent Orientation Leader for the College of Human Sciences and Education. Morgan is more than thrilled to begin her career as a teacher in Fall 2015.


“Where do I pick up my ‘I.D. card’?”
“I’ve lost my Tiger Card. How much is it for a replacement?”
“I’ve had my picture on my I.D. since freshman year when the weather was ridiculously humid and very hot! I can’t believe I still have this thing after 5 years.”

     These are all statements that I’ve heard multiple times since my first day at LSU during the summer of 2011. I, like mostly all incoming students, was confused about what my Tiger Card was capable of doing for me on campus. I didn’t know its purpose. I definitely did not know that I could submit a picture for my Tiger Card instead of taking one in the office during orientation. Mainly, I was super confused about all that was on this thing! I was never used to carrying around an I.D. card at all times, until now. After misplacing mine multiple times and having to pay using my personal money to replace it definitely taught me the importance of not losing it often. The LSU’s Tiger Card is one of the most important cards that you will receive during your time here at LSU. You will have a love/hate relationship with your Tiger Card, but I hope to relieve some confusion about the many functions that are contained on it.


What is it? 


Your Tiger Card accesses most/all functions on campus. It holds your key to your Residence Hall if you live on campus, it has your Meal Plan loaded on it, and it keeps your TigerCASH safe and secure. If you need to take a test on campus, make sure you have your Tiger Card. Want to go to a football game or any LSU sporting event? Don’t forget your Tiger Card, especially on Game Day. Your Tiger Card should be kept with you like you keep your driver’s license or debit card—close in reach. Your Tiger Card is more than just an identification card; it is your key to LSU!


Where can I get one?


If you need a Tiger Card, feel free to stop by the Tiger Card Office, which is located in room 109 of the Student Union. If you would like to submit a picture for your Tiger Card before your orientation, feel free to log on the Tiger Card Office website at and click “Online Photo.” There are requirements for online photo submittal, so please factor those requirements into your photo selection! While you are at orientation, you are also able to take your picture in the office if you did not submit one. By the way, the wait time to receive your card is less than 5 minutes, unless there is high traffic from orientation lines, which to me is a lot faster than at the DMV!

What do I use it for?


this card
You can use your Tiger Card any where on campus! Here are a few ways that you will use your Tiger Card:

-Entering your Residence Hall
-Use of block meals or Paw Points

-Use of TigerCASH

-Taking a test in class or in the Himes Testing Center

-Printing in Middleton Library

-Entering Tiger Stadium for a football game

-Doing your laundry in the Residence Halls

-Entering any LSU sports events

Do you know the difference between Paw Points and TigerCASH?

Well, Paw Points can only be used on campus for food purchases. For example, you can use your Paw Points to purchase food items in the Student Union, the Barnes and Noble bookstore, and even at the CC’s Coffee in Middleton Library. TigerCASH can be used on-campus and at some locations off-campus. If you have TigerCASH loaded on your Tiger Card, you can purchase food at Raising Cane’s or Chipotle. A full list of where you can use your TigerCASH can be found on the Tiger Card Office’s website.

I hope this post relieves any worries or concerns about your Tiger Card. Welcome to Louisiana State University, Class of 2018! Please enjoy your time here at orientation! We are all excited for you to be here and as always: Love Purple, and Live Gold! GEAUX TIGERS!


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