LSU Reflection: Dylon Hoffpauir

Dylon is a recent alum of LSU with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and minors in Business, Dance and Physical Theater. During his time at LSU, Dylon bled purple and gold as an LSU Cheerleader, an LSU Ambassador and LSU Liaison. He plans to dedicate his summer to working as a Parent Orientation Leader for the Manship School of Mass Communication. He will move to Orlando, FL in September to pursue a career within Walt Disney World.


When you think of the word “reflection,” what comes to mind? To me, it brings to mind a mirror with my face staring back at me. When I began my journey as a Tiger in the fall of 2010, I knew that I was staring into the biggest, scariest mirror of my life. What did I want my “reflection” to show? Did I want to look into that purple and gold mirror years later and see stacks of text books and all my time spent in the library? Or did I want to see friends, memories, good times, laughter, success and growth in my reflection? When I took my first look into my LSU mirror, I knew that I wanted my reflection to be a bright one filled with perseverance and diversity.

As a recent graduate, I have one simple rule to follow, so that your LSU “reflection” can be a positive one, as well: stay open-minded and open to new opportunities. LSU has nearly 30,000 students, and there truly is a place for everyone on campus. I challenge you to be open to each person and opportunity you encounter during your time at LSU. By closing yourself off to a group of people or a new venture, you wouldn’t imagine the priceless experiences that you will miss out on. I challenge you to say “yes” when you feel nervous or unsure about opening a new window of opportunity at LSU. You won’t be disappointed!

During my time as an LSU Cheerleader and Ambassador, I was taught to embrace diversity. I have learned the importance of accepting my own differences and the differences of those around me. When I sit and take a look into my LSU mirror, my reflection is filled with so many memories of all the different people and experiences that I have had. Without being aware and appreciative of those diversities, my “reflection” would not be as spectacular and memorable as it is now.dylonblog2
I hope that each new Tiger of fall 2014 looks into their own mirror, not with anxiousness or nervousness, but with hope and the idea of diversity. I hope that you all embrace every single opportunity that LSU has to offer. By the end of your journey as a Tiger, I hope that your own LSU mirror is filled with “reflections” that are worth taking a second look.


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