SPINning Out of Control!

taylor moss 2Meet Taylor Moss, a Junior Kinesiology student from Austin, TX. This will be her third year working Spring Invitational as an LSU Ambassador.

With the turning of the seasons from winter to spring comes the vision of 1500 high school seniors storming LSU’s campus. The students visiting campus are here for Spring Invitational, LSU’s orientation for high achieving students. Students with outstanding academic records are invited to attend this program to see campus, learn about LSU, and schedule their first semester classes far before the majority of students on campus. This year the three day program is this week, April 9-11. At this orientation program students should expect to be broken up in groups by anticipated senior college, spin 2take tests to earn college credit before actually taking college class, learn about life on campus, and experience the tiger spirit that resonates within each LSU student.

After working orientation the past two summers, Spring Invitational is my very favorite orientation. The students who attend this have the unique experience of seeing campus when it is alive with current college students, something that the summer orientation students do not experience. With campus in full swing, this allows the incoming freshmen the chance to truly see the magic and liveliness of LSU. At this orientation students get to meet other students from all over the country and start friendships that could last throughout college, as well as learn about the various services on campus that will help them be successful academically throughout their time here. I would recommend bringing test materials (pencils, calculator, etc.), pen and paper for notes, and maybe an umbrella just in case (you never know when it might rain in Baton Rouge). Most importantly however, I would bring an open mind and willingness to learn at Spring Invitational.

LSU Ambassadors at Spring Invitational
LSU Ambassadors at Spring Invitational

LSU has so much to offer students academically and socially. There are so many organizations and ways to get involved on campus that your student is bound to find their place, and that journey starts at Spring Invitational. After the completion of this program, it is our hope that each student leaves with all the information they need to start college as well as a better understanding of what it means to be a part of the Tiger family!


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