Student Government Elections: Choosing to Take the Next Step or Experience LSU


Meet Camille Beste, a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Biology from Baton Rouge, LA. Camille is currently involved with Student Government as a Senator for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

On LSU’s campus, things are beginning to look at lot like spring: the weather is getting (somewhat) warmer, baseball season is in full swing, crawfish is becoming the go-to dinner choice, and Student Government elections are underway. Even if you have not passed through Free Speech Alley recently to be handed a campaign flyer or button, there is a good chance that you have seen campaign materials on social media from one or both of the tickets running for Student Government office. Facebook and Twitter have been exploding with posts and tweets promoting the initiatives of each ticket. Representatives from each ticket have been busy making their rounds to various club and organization meetings to promote their tickets. Hundreds of push cards, bumper stickers, and flyers have been given out in Free Speech Alley. Campaign banners can be seen hanging from the balconies of each and every sorority and fraternity house on campus. The campaign excitement comes to an end this week, however, as the actual voting takes place all day today and results will be announced on Wednesday. If necessary, a run-off election will be held next Monday, with the final results announced on Wednesday, April 2.

For those that are unfamiliar with LSU’s Student Government, elections take place twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. Elections are held for student Senate seats and college council officer positions. Each senior college has several senators, based on the number of “constituents,” or students in each college. In addition, each senior college at LSU has a college council, whose purpose is to unify the students, faculty, and staff of each Senior College, to facilitate events for College cohesion, and to serve as the liaisons between the faculty and students of each college. Elections are held for the officer positions in each college council. Some offices vary from college to college, but each has a President, Vice President, and Member at Large position.  The Executive offices of President and Vice President are also elected in the spring elections. Students can only vote for college council members and senators in their respective colleges, but all students are able to vote for the offices of President and Vice President.

For spring elections, most candidates affiliate with a particular ticket. Each president and vice president pair serves as the leader of his or her ticket. In the current election, there are two tickets: Christian Coleman and Ashleigh Pichon head up the Experience LSU Ticket as candidates for President and Vice President, while Clay Tufts and Taylor Lambert are the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates for The Next Step ticket.

More information about Student Government can be found on their website: Information on each ticket can be found by visiting and If your student is looking for a great way to get involved at LSU, encourage them to check out Student Government!



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