LSU Family Association Spring Event: A Student Perspective

KellyKral_My name is Kelly Kral, and I’m a senior graphic design major from Spring, TX. I work for the Parent’s Association and had the opportunity to take photos of the Family Association Spring Event this weekend! 

I woke up excited to get my first taste of crawfish of this season. The day started with me going with my parent’s to the Family Association Council meeting so I could take photos of all the Council Members. Next, we got to Alex Box Stadium to take a personal tour of the inside. A retired LSU Baseball player gave us a tour of the building, showing us exclusive rooms with huge murals, lined with trophies and an awesome recreation room full of huge TVs and foosball tables. We were led into the baseball locker room, which smelled exactly how you would think it would! But all the LSU Baseball player’s jerseys were lined up in their cubbies, with about 5 pairs of shoes for each player. That was probably my favorite part of the tour. Then we were led over to finally get some crawfish!

The line was long, full of hungry people craving crawfish. The turn out was twice the amount of people from last year, which was great. So many families were sitting around enjoying the clear sunny day. I was running around taking pictures while my parents waited in line. I met a cute dog named ToTo that belonged to a nice family, who dressed it up in an LSU tutu. Another family filled up a whole table, with many kids, who were all excited and running around.

The workers handing out the crawfish were working hard, but smiles were all on their faces. Everyone was having a great time and was excited to get to see the baseball game later. For me, it was a great day of meeting new people, making new friends, eating some great crawfish, and spending time with my family!

1 thought on “LSU Family Association Spring Event: A Student Perspective”

  1. Hats off to the LSU Family Assocaition… job well done. And that’s coming from a father who traveled from California just to be with our freshman daughter this weekend so we could attend the family day at Box Stadium. Certainly worth every mile. We are excited for the upcoming fall event as well.

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