Cold Weather Safety Tips

On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, LSU will be closed due to inclement weather conditions. This is the second time in the last week that campus has shut down because of icy weather, so here are some sneaux day tips!

Photo of last week's wintry mix in Baton Rouge from WBRZ website
Photo of last week’s wintry mix in Baton Rouge from WBRZ website

1.  Wear layers

If you must go outside, know the right way to wear layers: The layer closest to your skin should be a wool or synthetic material — not cotton. Cotton does a bad job of moisture management. The next layer should be a warm layer that’s not cotton, like a sweater or fleece. After that, put on a coat, ideally one that is waterproof and insulated.

2. Leave faucets slightly on

In extremely cold weather, water pipes can freeze and even break. To help prevent this, leave your tap water on a little bit so it’s dripping continuously. Also, open your kitchen cabinet doors under the sink to allow more heated air to get to the water pipes. Source:

3. Prepare your car

Be sure that your car has a full tank of gas and plenty of fluids (radiator, windshield wiper, etc.). Replace appropriate

fluids with a wintertime mixture to make sure they don’t freeze. Also, let your car heat up before driving by letting it run for about 10 minutes.


4. Pets, Plants, and Pipes

These are the three P’s of cold weather preparedness! Bring pets indoors; cover plants; and keep faucets dripping to protect pipes.


5. Monitor local weather and news agencies for updates

Be sure to check for campus updates. Other helpful sites include Louisiana State Police and Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for road closures and traffic updates as well as WBRZWAFB, and The Advocate for news and weather updates.

We hope you stay safe and warm out there over the next few days, Tigers! Enjoy your sneaux day!


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