Office of Multicultural Affairs: Celebrating the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King

ImageHello there, my name is Chenice Samuel from New Orleans, Louisiana. I traveled across the lake to join my fellow LSU patrons, and I’m a proud student at LSU. Majoring in business management, I’ve had the opportunity to take my passion for leading and skills learned throughout the years and applied it to the organizations I have worked with. Serving on the MLK Commemorative Celebration Committee has given me awesome opportunities. This committee strives to unite and encourage the LSU community by spreading MLK’s message and reflecting on his vision. Keep reading to learn more about this great celebration.

The holidays are sadly coming to an end, and we will soon be back into our daily routines. Faculty, staff and students will return from a much needed break and enter the new year with new goals and fresh horizons. Start your year off right by honoring a man who helped bring the nation together.

The MLK Commemorative Celebration is a week-long salute to the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each year a group of student leaders come together to organize several events in his honor. As a member of the committee for almost three years now, I’ve had the opportunity to assist with the planning and execution of these incredible events. This year I serve as the Commemorative Celebration team leader. Over the years we have brought in phenomenal speakers like writer, poet, and activist Nikki Giovani and author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson.  This year we are proud to host Kimberlé Crenshaw, executive director of the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) and professor of law at UCLA and Columbia Law School on Friday. The committee also organizes an annual Day of Service event held on MLK Day which is celebrated on Monday, January 20th. I look forward to this event each year as I enjoy serving the community. This is a day that is often referred to as “a day on” because many rise early on this holiday to serve the community. The weeklong celebration also includes Performing Arts Night where students are given the opportunity to showcase their talents through dance, song, and much more. You can learn more about the week’s events by visiting the MLK page on the Office of Multicultural Affairs website.

MLK Commemorative Celebration Committee

It is important that we remember what Dr. King fought for. It is because of him that I am able to write this story. Without him I would not be at LSU, nor would I be able to look forward to a successful future in which I will hopefully do something I love doing, serving and leading others.


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