Sophomore Year: The Next Chapter

Res Life

Meet Francesca Brewer from Katy, TX. As a junior in mass communication, I love being able to use my mass comm skill set as a Res Life tour guide. Because living on campus made the transition from high school to college so much easier for me, I hope my story can help current and future Tigers find their home at LSU. Meeting other Texas Tigers on daily tours and telling them the spirit and the community of LSU is what I love about my days…I hope you’ll enjoy my story here! 

Congratulations! You’re halfway through your first year at LSU!

Right about now you’re probably thinking about housing, roommates, and schedules for next semester. A year ago I was in the same place, and the biggest thing I needed to decide was whether I should live on campus as a sophomore or move off campus.

Like a responsible soon-to-be adult, I weighed my options. I knew not having a car would make living off campus extremely difficult. I also knew I wanted more space than a residence hall room offered. I enjoyed living on campus my freshman year, but I wanted to live somewhere with a little more independence as an upperclassman. I talked to friends and family and looked at options on the Residential Life website. I know there were more expensive and less expensive options available off campus, but living in an on-campus apartment was the best fit for me. East Campus Apartments (ECA) gave me the independence I was looking for while keeping the convenience of living on campus.

I’ve lived at ECA for two years now, and I love having my own room and living space and not having to worry about monthly bills yet! I also don’t have to deal with the added stress of waking up early, driving, and parking to get to class on time that students living off campus must deal with. I can honestly say that that extra time and stress saver has helped me improve my grades; it’s easier for me to attend office hours and study sessions when I never have to leave campus.

As you consider housing for next year, make sure you keep the East Campus Apartments and the West Campus Apartments in mind. They could be the perfect fit for you like they were for me! Campus Housing Contract Renewal starts in the spring…look for more details from Res Life soon about how to secure your space on campus for fall 2014.

For more details about the apartments, click here, and watch me give a tour of the apartments here!



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