Get Schooled: Buddy Walk 2013

ImageZachary Heathman is a sophomore, Mass Communication major from Jefferson City, Missouri. He currently serves as Special Programs Associate Chair for LSU Ambassadors. 

Every year, LSU Ambassadors has the privilege of teaming up with DSAG of Baton Rouge (Down ImageSyndrome Awareness Group) to put together a large event called Buddy Walk. Buddy Walk is an event where the community comes together to celebrate those born with an extra chromosome, and as a result, have Down syndrome. This is a cause very near and dear to the hearts of all LSU Ambassadors,because our very own advisor happens to have a son, Parish, with this disability. This is where the theme comes into play. This year the theme was “Parish Goes to School”, because he just started school this year. We always take the theme and use it to design a custom t-shirt that all of the volunteers wear to the Imageevent. This year we took the theme and created a design with the phrase “Get Schooled, It’s Just an Extra Chromosome”. There is just something about this phrase that is so empowering for not only those in support of the cause, but those with the disability as well.

So on the morning of November 2nd, 2013, me along with around 150 other volunteers, arrived at the Healing Place Church to begin a fun day full of service. There were so many fun games and activity stations for people to participate in, along with food, a DJ, hay ride and even inflatables. What was even more exciting was when the LSU Baseball team, LSU Cheerleaders and Mike the Tiger arrived to show their support and play with the kids. It was such a rewarding experience to sit back and watch everyone enjoying the event and watching all of the kids have the time of their lives! Watching the hard work of everyone involved pay off was more than worth it. I am so honored to not only be a part of an organization that supports causes such as these, in such great ways, but to go to a university that does this as well.  Geaux Tigers!



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