Sending some love from our Tiger Families!

Generally, our blog posts are geared towards Tiger families, but today, we asked family members on our LSU Parent & Family Programs Facebook page what they wanted to tell their students on their first day of classes. Read on to see what they had to say!

Photo taken from LSU Facebook page.

Lori McInerney Weaver: Have a great day Kaylee Weaver.

Mary Tebbetts Edley: Have an awesome day Leah Delahoussaye

Wendy Oltmann Keller: What an exciting day, to see my son start on his goal of being a graduate of LSU. He went from being a Holy cross tiger to being an LSU tiger! GEAUX TIGERS!

Jamie Ziegler Vincent: go make the most of it Adam V Peyton R & Kadie Z…you guys are aso blessed to have the oppurtunity to share this experience!! hope you have an awesome sophomore year love Mom and Dad

Stacey Miller Daix: You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.
~Dr. Seuss
Lance Engolia

Ali Elner Romero: So proud of my daughter, Rachel Flemming, and all the kids returning back to school!

Laura Lindstrom-Woolley: Good luck to Rachael Lindstrom hope you have an awesome day of great experiences

Marsha Spadoni-Bankston: Chelsie Spadoni – There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not proud of you. I have watched you achieve every goal you have set for yourself and I’m completely amazed by you. Love you, YOUR biggest fan (Mom)

Melissa Tryniecki Bordelon: Sending our love to Kelsey Bordelon from Mandeville, LA. We are so proud of you for being a part of the Honors College and hope you have a great first semester at LSU. Have fun on your trip to Texas for the game this weekend. Geaux Tigers!

Miggy Killion Carnahan: Prayers and love are with you at this pivotal time in your life, Christian. You will do wonderfully!

Paula Sonnier Dugas: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
-Henry David Thoreau
Although I am not technically a parent, my niece, who is like my own child, had her first day at LSU today. She has said since her first LSU game at 3 years old that this is where she wanted to go to school! My heart is busting with pride knowing that she has followed through on that dream! Nicole Bergeron, I hope your school year is filled with as much fun and joy as you have brought Nonky and myself over these past 18 years!

Allie Butler: Wishing my son Taylor Butler and the rest of the Tigers a GREAT first day back at LSU!! GEAUX TIGERS!

Violet Smith: Hope you have a great first day Emmanuel Smith . Go get ’em Tiger . We are all so proud of you

Sandra GuslerChloe Gusler – have a good day and make a new friend!

Jordana Ford: Sending love to my son Darian and all the kids from Westside HS in Houston!

Mary Dupre: Good luck on ur first day of college at LSU, Todd Dupre. We r so very proud of u! Have fun and make this experience the best it can b!

Jackie Winter: SO PROUD OF MY NY TIGER!!! LU

LSU University Recreation (UREC): We love all our students!

Tammy Dougay Davis Harrington: Good Luck on your first day of college Matt Davis! We are all so proud of you back over here in Lake Charles! Can’t wait to see what your future hold for you but this is a great start! Love and miss ya!!

Emilia Martinez Piña: Best of luck Tyvon Martinez Pina on your first day of college at LSU. All your dreams are coming true From being excepted into LSU & making the Tigers marching band. We maybe thousands of miles away but I can see u shinning from Colorado.

Raynell Kuehler: Seaux proud of my little LSU Tiger Kaylan Kuehler as she begins her SENIOR YEAR!! The past three years have been amazing … GEAUX enjoy every day of your senior year Kaylan!!!

Renee Bonin Hall: Proud to be an LSU mom to Senior Andrew Hall! Have a great Senior year! Your goal is in sight and we are so proud of you! GEAUX TIGERS!

Vicki Denenea: Proud of our daughter Megan Denenea! Good luck and remember to never stop reaching for your dreams!

Ashley Denenea: Proud of you sissy! Accomplish all you dream of! Megan Denenea me and your nephews love you and miss you

Cynthia Waters Hawkins: Good luck Carmen Hawkins on your junior year! I pray that you grow in wisdom & knowledge in this upcoming year!

Annette Burgo: Carpe Diem!! Christian Burgo! Slay the College Dragon!

Robert Andrews: Have a great first day of your sophomore year Galen. Geaux Tigers!

Have something you want to tell your LSU student on their first day of class? Comment on this blog post, and share the link! 


5 thoughts on “Sending some love from our Tiger Families!”

  1. Good luck to my sophomore. I see great things for you. Believe in yourself, take risks and go to the library!

  2. Brendon LeBoeuf, we are glad your first day was a success. Continue to follow your dreams. We are very proud of you. Love, mom and dad

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