Finding off-campus jobs perfect for students

KatiebelleMeet Katiebelle Heflin, a sophomore Animal Science major from Lake Charles, LA. This summer, Katiebelle served as the Parent Orientation Leader for the College of Agriculture.

During my first semester at LSU, I decided to begin searching for a part-time job to earn extra spending money and begin building my resume. I really wanted to take on new responsibility with my finances and not burden my parents for that late-night pizza cash. It was great to gain independence from my parents, and they definitely appreciated my ability to balance school and work.

While exploring my options around campus, I stumbled upon an online database called Careers2Geaux, which is provided by LSU’s Career Services. Students are able to freely access the database using their PAWS id. Employers have the ability to post part-time on and off campus jobs, volunteer work, internships, and even jobs for students after they graduate. I was able to find a great off-campus job working as an office assistant for a local Baton Rouge company. The company was exceptionally flexible with my school schedule, and they even allowed me to study at my desk.   I highly recommend for students to utilize Careers2Geaux and other resources provided by LSU’s Career Services.

In addition to Careers2Geaux, students can find employment through various establishments on campus such as the LSU Student Union, LSU Dining, the UREC, LSU Reslife and many more. Also, many employers in the Baton Rouge area are very willing to employ students and understand their need to gain work experience while in school.  Working during college opens the door for students to network with professionals, which will help them gain employment after graduation.  Furthermore, many of my professors would stress the importance of gaining hands-on experience from a part-time job for any professional school application. I really enjoyed my part-time job, and it was such a great first step in becoming an independent adult.


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