Working on the Greatest Campus on Earth

Brock Duhon

Brock Duhon is a junior double majoring in Mass Communication and Human Resource Education  from Orange, Texas. This summer, he is serving as the Parent Orientation Leader for College of Engineering.

Something that many students and families tend to stress out about most is a student’s financial situation. As an out of state student, I wasn’t aware of job opportunities available to me in my new community; therefore, I put off the job search as long as possible before starting my current job as an LSU Liaison or Student Recruiter in the Fall of my Sophomore year. My decision to become an employee on LSU’s campus has proven to be one of the most convenient yet rewarding decisions I could imagine.

One of the great perks of my job is the location. I can make it from class to work in five minutes, which is great for people with shorter breaks throughout the day. Being so close to classes also makes me feel more included in daily campus life even while I am on the job. This close proximity adds to the dynamic and young environment that comes along with being a student employee. Another amazing benefit is that I am a student employee, and as you can see the “student” part comes first, which is very convenient when you need to ask off to study for a big test. I know my boss is always very accommodating to any needs I have as a student.

Something else that I really like about working on campus is that on a typical day I go to class for an hour, then work for two hours at my on campus job then switch back to class mode for an hour “class break” before I finish off the day working. This fast paced schedule makes my already rewarding job seem to fly by because I am not sitting in the same spot for multiple hours on end, like in some other jobs.

In conclusion, although I am a little bit biased, I will acknowledge the fact that there are many perks of working on campus. Being a tour guide to prospective students and families is one of the most rewarding jobs I can imagine. Getting to share the beauty of the stately oaks and broad magnolias, and sharing the wonder of meeting Mike for the first time with prospective “Tigers”–what could be better than that?



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