Words of Wisdom From A Soon-to-Be LSU Graduate

ImageToday’s blog post comes to us from Anh Ta, a senior Biology major from New Iberia, LA. This summer, she served as the Parent Orientation Leader for the College of Science. Anh will be graduating this December and is here to pass along some words of wisdom for Tiger students and families that she has gained during her time at LSU.

Hey LSU Families,

Thanks for spending a part of your day with us! As my time at LSU comes to a close, I have to admit that there are a few things I wish I could redo. I think I should clarify that I don’t regret any decisions I’ve made, and I am really proud of where I am today. But if I were ever given the chance to redo college, I would.

When I first transferred to LSU my sophomore year, I have to admit that LSU was just a University to me. I called it, “the place I went to school.” When I think back to that old me, it shocks me to realize that I’ve changed so much in only three years. Many parents this summer kept mentioning that their student was shy and that they feared he/she would not “adjust” to LSU easily. Honestly, my parents would have said the same thing about me three years ago. I didn’t know a single person (besides my sister), and I was not one to introduce myself to others. But I think we all forget that college isn’t about how you adjust, it’s about how you make LSU adjust to you. LSU provides every student with many opportunities for fun, school, and work. Campus events begin with the Bengal Bound Welcome Week. You can go to this link for the schedule: http://bengalbound.lsu.edu/schedule. Personally, I decided to join an organization that focused on giving back to the community. I highly recommend going to this link for a complete list of every registered student organization: https://lsu-community.symplicity.com/sso/students. I think the greatest advice my parents ever told me was to just be me. I’ll meet people from all walks of life, but I get to choose who stays in it. College isn’t about “fitting in,” it’s really just about learning to love you.

When I said I would redo college, I meant that I would like to start over with the understanding that college was my personal time. During my freshman and sophomore years, I literally went to class, went to work, and went home. I was still in my high school mode. I couldn’t fathom the idea that there was so much more out there! I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to do college, but I do believe it just has to be done the way YOU want it. I learned a little late in my college years that I craved knowledge: about life, about relationships, and most importantly, about myself. I wish I could redo college just to tell myself that it is okay to make mistakes! In the past year, I’ve been more involved on campus than in my entire college career combined. I don’t just mean athletic events, but even just involving myself in campus life. Instead of studying at home, I studied on campus. Instead of going to the movie theatres, I went to the movie on the Parade Ground. It was all the little things that made me understand why I am so proud to be an LSU Tiger.

Being a Parent Orientation Leader this summer gives me the opportunity to reach out to many incoming families. With this chance, there are a few things that I hope for you and your student. I hope that you can give your student the space he/she needs to learn about life on his or her own. I hope that you will express to them that you’ll always be there for him/her with open arms, because I know that with time your student will learn to appreciate the people in his/her life. I hope that at the end of your student’s college career, you’ll both understand what it truly means to Love Purple and Live Gold.



1 thought on “Words of Wisdom From A Soon-to-Be LSU Graduate”

  1. Great words of wisdom! Please find a way to share with other freshmen and sophomores! I think it makes more of an impact coming from a fellow student than a parent. You are wise beyond your years. Best of luck in the future. Keep those same goals as you enter the workforce.

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