Staying Healthy at LSU

Austin Hollemon

Austin Holleman is a junior majoring in Mass Communications from Lake Charles, LA. This summer, he is serving as the Parent Orientation Leader for the Manship School of Mass Communications. 

As a picky eater, I was initially worried about the transition of eating food from my mom’s kitchen to a dining hall. Staying fit is a concern, too. Fortunately, to my surprise, I am always satisfied by the food served on campus and the ease of access to services offered by the University Recreational Center (UREC).

 I lived on the west side of campus my freshman year and frequented the 5 dining hall to curb my hunger for good food. Both the 5 and 459 dining halls offer many food options for students to choose from at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals as diverse as made-to-order stir fry and the monthly steak night are prepared at the dining halls, in addition to the daily offering of pizza and salad. Every visit to the 5 left me full and satisfied. A really cool feature of LSU Dining, and something I appreciate, is the nutritional information disclosed on the department’s website. Visit to discover the nutritional value of food served on campus.
The conveniently located UREC is a great place to visit to blow off some steam. I have taken advantage of the free fitness classes there like yoga and street beats. I also recommend paying a low fee to enroll in a semester-long specialty course such as Xtreme Bootcamp. Pickup games and organized tournaments in sports like tennis, volleyball and softball are great ways to meet people and gain the energy needed to push through a week full of exams. Check out other services provided by the UREC at
Although my intramural volleyball team didn’t win many games and I may have gained a few extra pounds from going to the 5 too often, I can truly say (or write) being a healthy and fit college student is possible.

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