Freshman Year: A Balancing Act

ImageMeet Abby Earles, a sophomore, biological science major (Pre-dental) from Ponchatoula, LA. Abby is an LSU Ambassador who is serving as a Parent Orientation Leader this summer. She loves dancing, playing guitar, and spending time with her family.

Freshmen year at LSU is more than anyone could ever imagine it to be; it is more exciting, more challenging, more adventurous… it is simply MORE. I went in with the mindset that this was just the next step in my educational goals, and it should not be much different from the previous steps taken to get there. Boy, was I wrong!

The first few weeks of classes were not too bad, but then add being involved in five different campus organizations, approaching exams, and social events. I was totally overwhelmed by the responsibilities that I had put on myself. It was then that I had reached the freshmen meltdown.

I call this the freshmen meltdown because I recently discovered that a large portion of incoming students experience the same feeling of anxiety and pressure that comes with new responsibilities. My meltdown occurred around the middle of the fall semester, and I did what any other 18-year-old female would do; I called my mom.


After talking to her I realized that it was not about being a member of every organization like it was in high school, and I also discovered that studying took up much more time than it used to. After realizing these things, I cut back on my involvement and studied more. My biggest piece of advice to incoming students is to get ready to practice time management. Try planning out your day before it starts, or the night before. Each day, I typically set aside a few hours for homework and studying, about an hour for each meal, and another hour to do something that I enjoyed. This helped my first semester at LSU to go very smoothly! Also, taking advantage of the numerous resources that LSU has to offer such as, Center for Academic Success, Career Services, and First Year Experience, made all the difference in the world to me achieving all that I did my first year at the university!


Now I know I may have made college seem like a ton of stress, but you know what they say, “Work hard, play hard”. I made so many memories my first year at LSU, and I know that there are many more to come.  Even the most challenging times were good times. I will never forget the many late night “study parties” in Blake Hall’s study rooms, and each and every Saturday night in Death Valley is one for the books. LSU provides its students with an impeccable education and an unforgettable experience. Always remember that the journey is far more important than the destination. Do not rush through life, especially these next four… or six… years! Enjoy all that LSU has to offer, and learn what it means to Love Purple, Live Gold.


Forever LSU,

 Abby Earles 


2 thoughts on “Freshman Year: A Balancing Act”

  1. I have watched Abby grow into this amazing young lady – have known her since she was 3 years old . She is not only beautiful on the outside – she is on the inside too.. Her family values, Christian faith, and love for life set a role model example for any new LSU student – Abby we are so proud of you … Geaux Tigers

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