Traditions at LSU

ImageMeet Raina Vallot, a junior kinesiology major from Lafayette, LA. When she isn’t helping to orient new students, Raina can be found giving campus tours to prospective Tiger students and families. Through her various positions, Raina has learned quite a bit about traditions at LSU and is here to share some of her knowledge with us!

At LSU, a vital part of campus life and the true tiger experience are our numerous traditions. As a student, I can attest that the history and traditions at this university are unlike any other and help make the campus an environment that is exceptionally unique. As with any university, LSU has its special traditions that have been passed down throughout the years and help keep the student spirit thriving!

A lot of our traditions here at LSU revolve around our world-famous sports teams, especially football. For instance, tailgating is popular among tiger fans. For almost any LSU sporting event you can find at least one, if not thousands, of tailgating tents and RVs set up all around campus!   For football Saturday nights, particularly, LSU’s campus transforms into a city within a city, filled with an unbelievable amount of purple and gold bleeding tigers.  Jokingly yelling “Tiger Bait” at opposing teams’ supporters as they walk around campus is a definite favorite among students. Other football game traditions include the Tiger Band’s iconic march down Victory Hill into the stadium prior to kickoff and Mike the Tiger’s well-anticipated visits to Death Valley…before being parked behind the visiting team’s sideline bench for intimidation purposes.  Some of my favorite traditions at all LSU sporting events include sitting in the student section and participating in the ever-lively chants and cheers that help encourage our athletes to victories.

Aside from athletics, my absolute favorite LSU tradition is something that occurs every single day. Our very own Memorial Tower, otherwise known as the bell tower or the Campanille, plays our LSU Alma Mater everyday at noon. This is something simple, yet special to me because it’s a daily reminder of what it means to be tiger. In the Alma Mater, we speak of our stately oaks and broad magnolias that adorn campus so beautifully. The Alma Mater also reminds students that their success as individuals directly reflects the success and pride of the university as a whole.

Our university’s traditions are a part of our intricate LSU culture that is best explained by simply experiencing it first hand. The traditions that have remained throughout the years are just a reminder that no matter where we wind up as individuals, we are forever tigers and FOREVER LSU.


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