Finals Week Tips from our 2013 POLs

It’s Finals week at LSU! Want to know how you can help your student this week? As always, be sure to send them some encouragement, but here are some additional tips on how to navigate finals week from our 2013 Parent Orientation Leaders!


My tip is to plan out your meals! You won’t do well on your exams if you are forgetting to eat or eating junk for a week straight.

Also, if you can, space your exams out so that you can take a nap after each one.  It is a nice way to “restart” your brain before you begin to focus on the next test.

-Arenn Martin, Sophomore

AustinBe prepared! Stock up on food and drinks, and do laundry before your final exams. There is nothing worse than running out of snacks and clothes in the middle of a busy very week.

Sleep! Coffee can only carry you so far, so be sure to take a break from the books and rest. Just breathe!
-Austin Holleman, Sophomore
RainaMake a study schedule of what you’re going to tackle each day, hour, etc.
Take rewarding breaks. (take a ten minute Yogurtland run, look up funny YouTube videos with your friends, call a family member for encouragement)
Pray and have confidence in yourself before each test. Be confident in what you DO know to help you work through the topics you don’t know as well.
-Raina Vallot, Junior
During your first few semesters, you usually have a lot of tests in the testing center, which allows for you to schedule the test yourself–Take Advantage of This! Schedule your test early. This allows you to pick the best times for you, check your syllabi so you know if you have any pre-scheduled tests, then space out your other exams so you have time between to review (not cram) between each test. You have an entire week, so use it! Saturday finals aren’t the best but if it allows you to get a better grade, it’s worth the extra time!

You always know when finals are, after you finish the last test before the final is a great time to begin studying for your final!
-Brock Duhon, Sophomore
SaraI find that the best way to keep myself on task is by bribing myself.  I won’t let myself go home and change into my jammies until I’ve finished tasks on my to-do list.  For example, I’ll start in the Union and say to myself, “You’re not allowed to leave until you’ve finished all your Math homework.”  And then maybe I’ll move a little closer, say the library, and say “You’re not allowed to leave until this paper is finished.”  I’ve even bribed myself with a bathroom break before!

I also like to order take out or make food for the duration of Dead Week and Finals Week.  I surely don’t want to stop studying to go get food!
-Sara Hazlewood, Sophomore

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