Encounter Engineering

Today’s blog post comes to us from Heather Pickering, a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. Heather serves as a peer mentor for the College of Engineering.

Encounter ENG 1

Kelly OQuinn, Daniel Salom, Hugo Salom, and Heather Pickering at Encounter Engineering, 2012

The E2 bridge camp for incoming freshman is a great experience for those entering engineering.  The camp lasts 5 days the week before school starts. It is a great way to get out of the house and move into your residential college early. The awesome thing about moving in early is that you don’t have the stress of move in day (Thursday before school starts), and you get help by peer mentors!

Encounter ENG2 Throughout the camp students will be introduced to how a college class is run, learning strategies, ways to be an effective student, design work, and a session at the LSU ropes course. What isn’t on the schedule is that you get to meet other incoming freshman and upperclassman. This helps a lot in college because it is very hard not to have a study group and succeed in college. I’m not saying it isn’t “doable” but you would not have as much fun studying as the others do. I know right, studying fun? Well those late study nights could get a little interesting when people get delirious. Okay, back to the camp. You get perspectives from upperclassman also so you know what to expect in your major. We also do after camp activities such as: game night, hide n seek in PFT, and celebration station.

Encounter ENG5

The design competition is just as fun as getting to know new people. You work in groups of 4 or 5 to complete whatever the goal of the competition is. You will be given three sessions to complete it so you have plenty of time to finish. It isn’t Encounter ENG3a stressful design, I promise. One session of the camp you will get to do the LSU rope course. This consists of team building activities, climbing a rock wall, and other challenging courses. People say those who sweat together become long lasting friends. At the end of the five days we will have an event outdoors with water slides, kick ball, food, snowballs, and music.

Encounter ENG4If you are not able to do the camp we also have an ENGR 1050 class if you still want to meet others and upperclassman. Also, if you don’t know exactly which engineering discipline you want to be in, this is a great class to take. It is a grade unlike the camp, but we do most of the same things. Sadly the only thing we do not do is the ropes course.

I highly suggest being involved with one of the two options. For me the experience I had in the camp made me more prepared and less nervous about coming to college.

You can get more information at www.step.eng.lsu.edu or the college counselor at orientation. Feel free to contact us at (225)-578-5731 and find us on Facebook!


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