Your Student’s Tech Fee at Work


Meet Sheri Thompson, IT Communications & Planning Officer with LSU Information Technology Services. Sheri enjoys cheering for her Tigers, developing strategic plans, and chatting about IT at LSU. 

I think one of the most valuable fees that LSU students pay has to be the tech fee.  In addition to underwriting a number of IT-related endeavors across campus, this fee enables LSU Information Technology Service (ITS) to provide several free services and resources to the LSU student body including TigerWare, Gear to Geaux, the student computing labs, the virtual lab,  and training resources like Lynda Campus.

TigerWare is the one-stop-shop for free and discounted software accessible through the myLSU portal. Through TigerWare, your student may download to install Microsoft Office (for Windows and Apple machines), Microsoft Operating System upgrades, and Symantec Anti-Virus all for free.

Should your student need access to a computer, there are four computing labs (two in Middleton, one in Patrick Taylor, and one in the LSU Student Union) with computers that are pre-loaded with the high-end software that your student’s professors have requested he or she use.  PC laptops, Macbooks, and several other devices like clickers and video-cameras  are available for checkout at Middleton through our Gear to Geaux program. There is no charge for this checkout, but the devices may only be used for a couple of days at a time.

ITS provides a virtual lab to afford your student an opportunity to access many of the programs available in the labs remotely. While not all of the high-end software in the labs is available virtually, many of it is. This means your student can work from home, in the residence halls, or outside on a beautiful day.

One of the most under-utilized of all of the free-sources available to LSU students has to be our training. ITS provides one-on-one tutorials on all types of software, but has also partnered with companies like Microsoft IT Academy and Lynda Campus to provide free on-demand training on a variety of subjects from Excel to XHTML.

Make sure that your student is making the most of the tech fee.  Encourage him or her to take full advantage of these IT resources!

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