Do you pledge to Geaux BIG?


Meet Elaine Giles, a mass communication senior and director and co-founder of Geaux BIG Baton Rouge, an LSU Campus Life student organization and  community service project. 

It is a blessing to be a part of the LSU community.  I think something that LSU students often don’t recognize is that we are a part of something much greater than LSU.  We also are a part of the Baton Rouge community.  During our time as LSU students, we have the wonderful opportunity to call Baton Rouge home for four years.  As residents and members of the Baton Rouge community, we have the responsibility to become engaged with our community.  We have the opportunity to make difference in our community and help make our community; the place we call home for four years, a better place.

Inspired by Texas A&M’s Big Event program, Geaux BIG Baton Rouge is a one day event that unites LSU students and Baton Rouge residents through service in order to build a positive relationship in which students express appreciation for the support of the community.  On April 20, we anticipate 100 different service project sites across Baton Rouge, and we will send a corps of LSU student volunteers to each site.  We need your LSU student to sign-up and register as a volunteer to make this happen!  They can sign-up with a team of friends or as an individual volunteer!

Geaux BIGGeaux BIG members serving at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Big Event

How can LSU students go about making a difference in their community and in turn, learn much more about ourselves and our role as an active citizen?  We can volunteer and serve alongside our fellow Baton Rouge community members working on different projects that address the needs in our community.

In LSU’s Commitment to Community, the statement charges LSU students to “positively to the life of the campus and surrounding community; and use my LSU experience to be an active citizen in an international and interdependent world.”  LSU students can fulfill the charge by participating in Geaux BIG Baton Rouge.

LSU Geaux BIG at Ole MissLSU Geaux BIG members at Ole Miss’ Big Event

Geaux BIG’s goal is to create a meaningful service experience for students and community members alike.  Our vision is for their volunteer experience to be a catalyst to become engaged citizens during their time at LSU and beyond.  So, what are you waiting for?  Encourage your student to Geaux BIG today and each day after!

For more information about Geaux BIG, you can visit our website, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!


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