A New Semester At LSU

Brandon picture

Today’s blog post comes from Brandon Guillory, a Junior Human Resource Education major from Iowa, LA and LSU Ambassador.

Today brings the beginning of a new semester, and though campus is a little rainy today, it is still full of wonderful opportunities for all LSU students. The beginning of each semester gives students the chance to start over, refresh, and dedicate themselves fully to overcoming the challenges ahead. This upcoming spring semester will give students a lot to look forward to, and they can start preparing now for the variety of campus events and opportunities to come. Parents and families can also encourage their students now more than ever to pursue their dreams, and the support from families is exactly what these students will need to make it through this very busy semester. Returning to school in January is always one of my favorite times of the year because it provides students with the perfect setting to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions and new goals for the school year. Everyone on campus is anxious to start fresh, and the spring semester is the best time to do so.

I once came across a quote that has stuck with me for the past year and a half, which read “The heaviest rain grows the greenest grass.” This is especially true today, seeing as it has been raining in Baton Rouge nonstop for the last week. However, as we begin this new semester on a rainy day, I encourage all LSU students to take this rainfall as a symbol for rebirth, cleansing, and renewal. Start this new semester with a new found sense of optimism and hope and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way!


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