Holiday Gift Ideas

Still looking for the perfect gift for your student? Here are a few ideas!

1. Family recipes. This can be a priceless gift for college students who now must cook for themselves. Buy a binder and fill it with your child’s favorite family recipes. Another alternative — check out “I Love Trader Joe’s College Cook Book.”

2. Plane ticket. Spring for a plane ticket for your child to head out for spring break or to visit a college friend over the summer break.

3. Classic stationary. Many students need stationary to write “thank you” notes for internships, jobs, fellowships and mentors. Handwritten notes on classy stationary will fit the bill.

4. Gift cards. Gift certificates for places that provide the basics—such as big-box stores and drug stores—can be lifesavers for the college crowd.

5. Chick flicks. Buy your child’s favorite blue-ray movies. Here is a chick flick package ($37) that includes “Juno,” “27 Dresses” and “The Devil Wears Prada.”

6. Bluetooth speakers. Students can share their favorite songs from their smartphone or mp3 player with bluetooth speakers. The Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portfable Speaker with rechargeable battery has received great reviews and is affordable ($18.95). For more expensive wireless speakers, check this popular one from Logitech ($109).

7.  The Everything College Survival Book by Michael Malone. This book tackles everything a college student will face when he or she leaves the nest. Handling personal finances, packing for the dorm room, doing laundry, maintaining a healthy diet, and, yes, studying are all covered thoroughly. The book even covers topics like dating, parties, interning, and keeping the dorm room clean. Great stocking stuffer!

8. LSU Gear. Vist our book store on campus or online to shop for LSU apparel and other fun gifts!


If you need more gift ideas, visit some of the following links!

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