Happy Thanksgiving!

Last week, we asked students and families what they were most thankful for this holiday season. Here are some of our favorite responses!

“My 2 sons :))”  –Yvette Tingstrom Doiron, LSU parent

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to hang out with my family during events hosted by Parent & Family Programs!” –Erin Kenna, LSU student

“I’m thankful my daughter will be going to LSU next year :)” –Gina Burges, Future LSU parent

“I’m thankful that my sister will be home from the navy and that I get to spend it with my baby cousins. 🙂 ” –Athena Bressack, LSU student

“That my husband has taken care of us despite this economy. That my brother is home from Afghanistan. That my boys are doing well at LSU. That I still have a job. It might not pay much but better than the alternative. That God is always in charge.” –Maria Swing, LSU parent

“I am thankful for all of the delicious food I get to eat! I am also thankful for my new family members. FOUR new babies since I moved down here less than six months ago.” –Sara Keimig, LSU student

“I’m thankful that my daughter goes to one of the best universities ever – LSU! She loves it and that makes me happy.” –Karen Godette Crittendon, LSU parent

“I am thankful for my family, especially the newbies in it including my new nephew and sister-in-law!”  –Marie-Louise Resweber, LSU student



Happy Thanksgiving from Parent & Family Programs!


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