Family Weekend 2012: A Student Perspective

Meet the Delahoussaye family from Erath, LA. This week’s post comes from Leah Delahoussaye, a sophomore  Natural Resource Ecology & Management major. Leah is an LSU ambassador and has served as an Orientation Leader and a Resident Assistant.

The past few weeks of school were very stressful for me. In one week’s time, I had 3 exams, a quiz, and a project due.  Needless to say, I needed a break. I love my family to no end, and getting to see them this past weekend meant the world to me. Before this weekend, I hadn’t seen my family in about a month, and for me, that was a very long time. Knowing that I was going to be able to see my family is what was getting me through that stressful week.

My family and I enjoyed everything about Family Weekend. The food was great, and the company was even better. We loved going to all the events, and we had fun trying to win a door prize together. I loved getting to teach my family about LSU, introducing them to some of my friends, and showing them where some of my classes are. I felt like I was getting to show them my home away from home.

My favorite part of the weekend of course was getting to watch an LSU football game in Death Valley with my family. I was able to teach my family all of the down cheers, and we all cheered loudly for our Tigers. We had a blast, and I am so glad that I got to see my family. This weekend flew by, but I enjoyed if very much. My family is already planning on coming back next year, and I am looking forward to it!


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