Career Services: Navigating the Career Expo

Meet Michelle Dupret, a Career Services student “Career Peer” from Dallas, TX. She is a senior Kinesiology major planning to attend Physical Therapy School next year and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Michelle enjoys attending LSU football games, especially away games. 

On Tuesday September 11th and Wednesday September 12th, Career Services conducted the 53rd Career Expo. This semester, approximately 250 organizations  traveled to LSU to participate in the Expo. The first day focuses on business and liberal arts while the second day focuses on engineering, science, and technology. Graduate programs can attend both days. This year, nearly 2,500 students attended the Expo and communicated with employers about career paths, internships and even full-time jobs.

At first glance, the arrangement of displays and the number of people present can be overwhelming. However, the layout is easily navigable and the people are friendly. As I walked around the Expo for the first time, I became aware of how many opportunities are provided to LSU students. Communicating with an employer in this setting can provide invaluable experience for future job searches. Many students receive summer internships or part-time jobs from the employers they talked to at the Expo.

Overall, I think the Career Expo was a huge success and an opportunity that every student should take advantage of at least once in their college career. It is never too early to start preparing for the future.

For more information about Career Services or the Career Expo, please visit the Career Services website here.


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