Free Opportunities Abound for Academic Success!

Meet Nanette Cheatham, Learning Strategies Consultant at LSU Center for Academic Success. This week, CAS has an update on all the services they have to offer LSU students.

uExcel” Workshop Series
Designed to help students excel in introductory level courses. Learn effective and efficient ways to improve your performance in Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Science courses. Open to all LSU students.

All workshops are located in the Tutorial Center (141B Middleton).

Register @

“uExcel” in Math               Wednesday            September 19               6:00-7:00PM

“uExcel” in Chemistry     Thursday               September 20              6:00-7:00PM

uExcel” in Biology           Monday                 September 4               6:00-7:00PM

uExcel” in Social Sciences        Tuesday       September 25         6:00-7:00PM

uSucceed” Workshop Series

Offering students a chance to discover or refresh their approach to studying, managing time, and learning at LSU. Open to all LSU students. Invest in your own success today by registering to attend. All workshops are located in B2 Coates Hall.

Register @ (Click on specific workshop to register.)

Reduce My Stress:  Strategies for Reducing Anxiety          September 26         12:30pm-1:30 pm

Get Organized:  Balancing Time, Life, and Learning            October 24            12:30pm -1:30 pm

Ace My Tests:  Developing Critical Thinking Strategies     October 30             12:30pm-1:30pm

How I Learn:  Strategies That Will WORK for You!               November 7          12:30pm -1:30 pm

Reduce My Stress:  Strategies for Reducing Anxiety           November 13         12:30pm -1:30 pm

Shell Tutorial Center 

Free assistance with homework, test preparation, and study strategies in Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Statics, and select foreign languages and select other courses. These services are provided by trained peer tutors. No appointment is necessary, so drop in and we will be happy to assist you!

 Are You Smarter Than A Duck?

Join the Center for Academic Success at the Tiger Games (Intellectual District) on Tuesday, September 25, Atchafalaya Room (Student Union), 10 a.m-2 p.m.

Center for Academic Success Scoial Media



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