Family Weekend MVF: The Fine Family

Each year, Parent & Family Programs hosts Family Weekend during the fall semester. All family members of LSU students are invited to campus for a weekend of activities, programs, and the chance to see the LSU Tigers under the lights of Tiger Stadium. Family Weekend activities allow parents and families to reconnect with the university and enjoy the campus energy on game day. This week, Mrs. Debbie Fine, the mother in our Most Valuable Family recalls her Family Weekend experiences: 

We have enjoyed Family Weekend these last four years and it was a tradition for us to have different family members come with us to visit each time. This gave us an opportunity to have a family reunion each year with our son on Family Weekend, since we are from Texas and didn’t get to see our son much.

The weekend starts with the Friday night dinner and our family would sometimes catch a Ladies Volleyball game afterwards. Then on Saturday we would start with the parade, then the tailgate party with some great Cajun food.  We enjoyed walking around campus and visiting the bookstore and the student union and seeing where our son had classes. We always got to meet some of his friends each time we came. We would end Saturday night with the football game and the stadium is always electric when the Tigers play. After the game we would go get something to eat at one of my son’s favorite places. On Sunday we would finish our weekend with the amazing brunch and door prizes. We had a lot of fun hoping our number would be called.  Then it was back to Texas.

LSU has some of the best staff in the Parent & Family Programs and they are so supportive of the students as well as the parents. We got to know a couple of them and they were always excited to see us when we came. We will miss Family Weekend; it won’t be the same planning my fall activities anymore. Thank you Aimee and Kelli for everything you have done for us, we will miss you since you have become part of our family these last four years.

The Fine Family

Family Weekend registration opens Tuesday, July 31 for Family Association members only and on Tuesday, August 7 to all LSU families. Be sure to mark your calendars for 2012 Family Weekend on September 28-30!


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