Scoring the Perfect On-campus Job

Meet Matthew Landry, a Nutritional Science/Pre-Med sophomore from Pierre Part, LA. Matt’s extracurricular activities include LSU Ambassadors and LSU Les Voyageurs. 

As college students we are always looking for ways to extend our money. Some students worry about carrying a course load as well as working part-time to earn a little extra money; however, LSU truly provides ample opportunity for students to both learn and work. On-campus jobs are very popular among students. One of the best perks about on-campus positions is that supervisors understand that a student’s first priority is school. They’re willing to work around a student’s class schedule and allow a student to ask for time off during stressful weeks. On-campus jobs allow a student to have valuable experience in their field of study. In addition, students often make connections with faculty and staff members, which can greatly assist in getting a job after graduation.

Attempting to find an on-campus job without scholarship assistance is sometimes viewed as a daunting task. The LSU University Recreation (UREC), University Auxiliary Services, LSU Libraries, and the Tiger Athletic Foundation are just a few examples of the larger campus departments that typically hire students without Work Study or Chancellor’s Aide. During the fall semester of my freshman year, I applied through several departments on campus. I received quite a few no’s; however, after a little more searching and a few more applications, I was hired by the Tiger Athletic Foundation to work in the Stadium Club of Tiger Stadium during home football games as a suite host.

Overall, I really felt that my supervisor  was willing to work with me to create an optimal work schedule for me that allowed me to concentrate on my coursework. My on-campus position not only provided me with some extra spending money, but also allowed me the opportunity to network with campus officials and receive experience for future employment opportunities.


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