Parent Orientation Leaders — Summer of a Lifetime

Meet Alaina Kathryn Jacob Reed, a recent LSU alumna who earned her degree in English: Secondary Education and will be teaching 7th grade English this upcoming fall at a local middle school. She has been involved with LSU Ambassadors throughout her tenure at LSU. This is her fourth summer working with the Office of Orientation. This year she is the 2012 Head Parent Orientation Leader who is responsible for the selection and training of the 12 Parent Orientation Leaders (POLs) as well as serves as the team leader throughout the summer.

     Since I have recently graduated, it is almost time for me to leave the stately oaks and broad magnolias. Fortunately, I have the honor of serving as this year’s Head Parent Orientation Leader. When I think back to February when I selected the 12 individuals to serve Parent & Family Programs, I never thought this would be the experience that will stick with me my whole life. We started our training out by creating a mission statement that we wanted to stick by and follow throughout the summer.  Our mission statement is pictured below:

“As the POL 2012 team we will strive to become a cohesive, professional, and
respectable group of individuals that work together creating new ideas and leaving an everlasting impact on FOAP, Parent & Family Programs, and future POL teams all while having the summer of a lifetime.”

We are constantly reminded of our mission statement everyday while serving the future parents and students of our university. One of our favorite activities that we did to focus on our team building was the LSU Ropes Course ( We were able to hone in on our problem solving skills and conquer our fears of heights all while growing closer to our team. I feel confident that I will leave LSU with 12 new best friends.

As for our other parts of our mission statement, we have been trained on over 30 hours of campus resources and professional development. I think I speak for all the POLs when I say that we truly love answering ALL the questions that parents have when coming to orientation. We know how big of a transition this is for both the students and the parents, and all we want to do is provide a comfortable environment to ease this transition. My favorite part of my job is talking to POLs after a parent has thanked them for all their hard work. They just beam with pride because they have made a huge impact not only on the lives of the parents and families but also on Louisiana State University.

Top from left: Taylor Heinen, Brandon Berrio, Curtis Elmore III, Brandon Guillory, Chris Weimer, Eric Garcia, Beau McMillan
Bottom from left: Lesli Roussel, Arenn Martin, Alaina Reed, Caitlin Jacob, Annu Dixit, Kristen Carroll

Thankfully, the summer is not over just yet! We have four more sessions with four new sets of parents and families, and we could not be more excited to get to meet new families! Every session has been such a rewarding experience. It is not work when you get to work with your friends and do what you love.

Want more information on the POL team? Visit  and


4 thoughts on “Parent Orientation Leaders — Summer of a Lifetime”

  1. I had the pleasure of speaking with Arenn. Couldn’t believe she had only just finished her freshman year! Very bright, respectful and professional. Appreciated her complete knowledge of the school and her reassurance that my out-state student will be just fine! I was very impressed!

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