Student Media — Not a job, an experience

Laura Doré, Social Media Services Manager for LSU Student Media Advertising, is back with internship opportunities for your student!

Student Media is hiring, but that’s nothing new, we are almost always on the lookout for eager new recruits to join our team.  I have loved working for Student Media because it offers lots of opportunity to try different things and get a “real world” experience at the same time.  We did a little investigating to find out what our interns, usually the newest folks, had to say about why they wanted to work here and have stayed, especially since they don’t get paid. Here’s what a few of them said:

  • Lots of our marketing interns said that they love being able to work on campus because it is so convenient, the real world experience they are gaining, and the great feeling when they see an ad they actually designed or worked on in the Reveille!
  • Malena: “It’s one of the few places I can really be creative.”
  • Alex: “Everyday is a different task which teaches you new abilities” and that her internship is great because she is “getting school credit for a ‘class’ I actually enjoy.”
  • Video interns Ian, Daryan, and Amanda said they have loved getting to work with our high-end equipment, the creative independence, and getting feedback they couldn’t be getting from a class.

We are looking for some amazing incoming FRESHMAN to be part of a new Design Internship Program.  You don’t need to be a graphic design major, you just need some experience working with InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator (think yearbook or the school paper) and an excitement to set goals, take on a great challenge, and learn! Anyone who is interested should email!

Keep in touch with Student Media:!/LSUStudentMedia

This Student Media opportunity is just one of the many jobs available on campus. Have your student talk to Career Services and utilize the Careers2Geaux job database for more opportunities — they can even be within a major!


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