SPINning Complete!

Erin is back to recap her Spring Invitational experience as an Orientation Leader!

Here are a few LSU Ambassadors representing LSU as Orientation Leaders and Parent Orientation Leaders.

Spring Invitational was more gratifying than I could have ever predicted. The students I had the opportunity to meet were excited (and nervous) and remained fully engaged throughout the entirety of the orientation program.

I feel so fortunate that I am able to represent the university that I hold dear to my heart. Words cannot describe how uplifting it is to see fresh faces that are ready to learn about what Louisiana State University has to offer.

One instance stands at the forefront of my mind. As we were wrapping up the scheduling portion of SPIN, I could tell that my partner, Gabrielle Favret, and I genuinely impacted these incoming students. One in particular thanked me as she gave me a huge hug and said she could not wait for the fall.

SPIN students enjoying their orientation into the Tiger life!

Spring Invitational is known to most LSU students as the “season of purple bags.” Personally, though, it is the season for rejuvenation and a reminder that we all began humbly and have the endless opportunities to grow in these inspiring halls.

In reality, four years flies by too quickly for comfort. The real world is impending upon me as I type, but I am more that confident that the lessons I have learned both inside and outside of the classroom are preparation for the world around me and are indicative of my personal growth. Geaux Tigers!


1 thought on “SPINning Complete!”

  1. I am so impressed by this blog! You all are doing a fantastic job of keeping us aware of the awesome things going on at LSU with its students. Keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

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