SPINning Around Campus

Remember Erin Kenna from our Christmas Spirit? Let’s Try Tiger Pride Double FeatureAs a refresher, Erin is a junior Mass Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations. Today, Erin is giving us an inside look into one of the biggest events of LSU’s spring semester: Spring Invitational.

I think of high school fondly. I remember the excitement (and anxiety) of choosing somewhere to spend the next four or so years of my life. Louisiana State University seemed as if it was a faraway land that would never become my reality.

As soon as I stepped foot onto campus and became surrounded by those stately oaks and inspiring halls, however, I knew this was the place for me. I quickly immersed myself in all that is LSU. The LSU Ambassadors became the perfect fit for me and offered the connection to campus I was searching for.

As a student, Spring Invitational is different than anything else one has ever experienced. It is fast-paced and information-packed. As an orientation leader, I have the opportunity to help students learn more about their future university while helping them schedule for their first semester at LSU. Prior to SPIN (Spring Invitational), the Ambassadors attend trainings focused on preparing for any situation that could arise. We refresh ourselves with advising tips and important information to relay to the students attending SPIN.

I worked Spring Invitational for the first time last spring, and plenty of emotions were running rampant. I was nervous that I would be unable to help any of my students and anxious about leading a group of students who were only one year younger than me, in most cases. However, I was able to realize that the intense preparation was not in vain. I was able to answer general questions about what life was like as a Tiger as well as help schedule prospective Tigers for the upcoming semester.

Spring Invitational is an exciting time at LSU.  The campus is buzzing with fresh faces and constant tours. Personally, I am reminded of the two short years ago when I was touring the Quad and the Indian Mounds and just have to smile. It’s easy to forget how exciting campus truly is when you enter a routine. I’m excited to see the fresh faces of the SPIN students take in and appreciate the beauty and pride of LSU.

Visit us next Monday for Erin’s 2012 Spring Invitational experiences.


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