Communications Skills: A Must Have Regardless of Your Major

Meet ReAzalia, a senior from Shreveport, who is sharing an important message to future LSU students of all majors.

I knew early on the importance of being a good writer; after all, I’m an English major.  But like so many other undergraduates of all majors, it took me a while to realize how equally critical the skills of public speaking, interpersonal communication, visual presentations, and communication technologies are to any student’s future success. As a senior, I offer this valuable advice: get involved in the LSU Distinguished Communicator program EARLY lest you become another one of my fellow seniors who are now deeply regretting not having this accomplishment to list on their resumes and applications to graduate schools.

I was very shy when I arrived on LSU’s campus; it was my first time away from home.  But I decided it was time for me to blossom, so I created a college bucket list.  Atop that list was joining the DComm program, and it has truly been a rewarding journey for me. I have learned how to take my writing, speaking, and visual presentation skills to the next level. I’ve discovered new ways to look at social media and how technology affects the way we communicate. I’ve learned the vital skills of time management, preparation, and practice.  I’ve made new friends outside of my major. I’ve come to appreciate the value of constructive criticism. I’ve realized that I need more than just a high GPA and a degree to get the job I want. And in the end, I’ve become a stronger student, a better leader, and a much more comfortable and confident person now worthy of admittance into any law school!

LSU is a big university, but the DComm program helped me find my place. I now reframe all of my experiences and see communication as the constant. Through my class projects, my DComm workshops, my student job, my leadership roles, and my personal life, I have evolved into an effective (and distinguished) communicator.

So to all future LSU students, please hear this:

When you get to LSU, join the Distinguished Communicator certification program. There is no other program like it on campus.  It may not seem important to you as a freshman, but trust me, no matter which major you select or what career path you choose, this program will help you rise to your full potential!

I wish success to all my future fellow Tigers and hope that you, too, will graduate with a medal that identifies you as a certified LSU Distinguished Communicator.

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3 thoughts on “Communications Skills: A Must Have Regardless of Your Major”

  1. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with this first-class individual for the past 2 1/2 years. The LSU community is much richer because of her presence. I am quite certain that she will continue making a positive difference within greater society in the years to come.

  2. This is great! I truly enjoyed your post. Because of the training that the DComm program offered, I am often complimented on my science presentation skills. I like to think that the DComm program played a huge role in giving me an outlet to actually expressive myself communicative manner. As a scientist in training it is imperative to have both strong written and verbal communication skills, and the future of the next big scientists will lie in his/her ability to effectively communicate to the public the importance of science. I send my best wishes to all of the up and coming DComm graduates.

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