The Daily Reveille App, Starting A New Tradition

Laura Doré with Student Media Advertising is back!

Within the past year The Daily Reveille, a long-standing part of life at LSU, launched the Daily Reveille iPhone and Android Apps.  It was a huge undertaking that paid off. We were discussing the app in a recent meeting of Student Media managers and everyone agreed that it helped make their own “Daily (Reveille) Routine” so much easier.  I love reading the Reveille everyday, reading before classes, on the bus, or solving the crossword while eating lunch; reading the Reveille is part of my routine when I am on campus.  When I am away from school I miss that part of my routine, but now with the app the only thing I can’t do is the crossword puzzle!

I think the new Daily Reveille App is a little secret that (I think) lots of alumni should be told about.  A coworker told me a story about when her parents were dropping her off to move in to her first dorm at LSU.  Her LSU alumnus father stopped the car as soon as they were on campus to hop out and get a Reveille off the stands.  His memories of LSU were intertwined with reading the on-campus news everyday, just like mine are.  I love the Daily Reveille App because of that.  It is really easy to scroll through and choose one of the great stories that students write and tie yourself back in to that part of the “Daily (Reveille) Routine.” It is a 21st century way to continue one of the best LSU traditions!


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