Gumbo, Get it While its Hot!

Meet Laura Doré, the Social Media Services Manager for Student Media Advertising.

In August I began my position at LSU Student Media as Social Media Manager for the Advertising Department.  My first office was a nook in the back of the Gumbo and Legacy photo office.  That office got me looking at a lot of old Gumbo Yearbooks during brainstorm sessions, and made me realize how happy I am to have my own copies of Gumbo from generations of my own family.

Both my parents went to LSU and when I decided to come here I spent a lot of time with them looking at their old Gumbos and hearing their stories. Funny pictures of my dad’s fraternity in plaid suits, pictures from the dorm I was going to live in, and old photos of organizations I would later join are all things that I have thought a lot about in my time at LSU. I love looking at my copies of Gumbo now that I am about to graduate. I love the pictures from 2008 when it snowed during finals week because I remember how perfect that day was and in 2010 the pictures of TOMS Shoes across campus because that was something I was part of. I always knew that I wanted every copy of my own Gumbo yearbooks, but when I look back at my parents’, grandparents’, and great grandparents’ Gumbos I realize how much those book mean to me. My great grandmother was one of the only women she knew to have a university degree and my grandmother came back to LSU after starting a family. Those moments are etched in my memory because of the pictures of those proud people that I have seen again and again.

I would tell any LSU student that a Gumbo is worth much more than what you pay for it because it holds the memories you don’t bother recording in college. As I am about to graduate I get nostalgic about the moments that I think I might forget without a memory jog from the LSU Gumbo yearbook.

The writers, photographers, designers, and editors that work all year on the Gumbo I’m sure would agree with me, because they are all so proud of what they made.  I have heard so many people talk about their experiences making the Gumbo as some of their favorite memories at LSU. I think that no matter what side you see it from, everyone likes Gumbo!


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