Christmas Spirit? Let’s try Tiger Pride!

Throughout the fall semester, the student organization LSU Ambassadors asked its members to write down what Love Purple, Live Gold meant to them. Below, Erin and Amy tell us what loving purple and living gold has inspired them to strive for at LSU and beyond.

Erin Kenna, Mass Communication Sophomore 

Purple is…those first four notes that never fail to give me chills.  It’s the feeling I get when I describe MY university back home to my Mississippi friends who just never seem to understand. It’s the passion I witness on a daily basis from my peers who genuinely believe they will be the ones to change the world, and I believe them. It’s the four-year-old running around in her cheerleading outfit on gameday screaming “Geaux Tigers” to everyone that passes. Purple is the pride of the campus I call home. And although I only get to spend a few short years here as a student, pride will always be the first adjective that comes to mind when I think of the “greatest years of my life.”

Gold is…the challenges we face both inside and outside of the classroom. It’s the responsibility that is thrusted upon us, it seems, as soon as we enter these inspiring halls. Gold is the respect we possess for our professors, for our peers, and for ourselves that is increased on a daily basis. Gold is the beautiful realization that the real world is looming ahead, but we still have time to find ourselves in the present. Because it really is everything Bama isn’t, and it really is a southerner’s dream. Gold means the opportunities are truly endless, and the chance of rain will always be….NEVER.

Amy Collins, Elementary Education Senior 

If asked why I love purple, I would say I love it with all I have now because at one time I did not. When deciding on a college LSU was not even in my top five, and was a bit of a last resort. However, when I arrived on campus I immediately fell in love with everything about LSU. Not only did LSU make me feel like part of the family, but it made me feel like royalty, the meaning of purple. Everything at LSU is the best of the best, and the university itself and the education it provides is top notch. Throughout my time here, I have learned the real meaning of home away from home and when I am at home with my family I cannot wait to be back here at LSU, where my second family is. For me purple represents the best of the best and I am lucky to be among these people at this amazing university.

If asked how I live gold, I would say I live it by setting high standards for myself and setting goals that I will achieve. I set these both high because of how high standards are set here at LSU. I learned at LSU to strive to be the best I could, and do this through succeeding in both my classes and extracurricular activities. I plan to go into my future profession and be the best teacher I can be and inspire my students to live the golden life no matter what the circumstance, and this is what I believe to live GOLD.


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