College At a Graduate’s Glance

Meet Amanda Gulino! Former Graduate Assistant at LSU Parent & Family Programs and two-time LSU graduate! Geaux Tigers! 

Good Morning, LSU families!

I write to you from Brooklyn, New York, my new residence as of 9 days ago.  I recently graduated with my second degree from LSU and embarking on a new journey in New York – the city where dreams are made of!  My name may seem slightly familiar – I was the Graduate Assistant of Parent & Family Programs for the past year and a half and it was the experience of a lifetime. I was very lucky to have gotten to know many of you through orientation, Family Weekend or our new social media platforms.  LSU honestly has some amazing parents in its community.  Additionally, it was wonderful to work with such a dedicated team of people at Parent & Family Programs.

I’ve been asked to share my experiences at LSU and advice for both parents and students, so here it goes!

My four undergraduate years at LSU were the best of my life.  I got involved on campus, found a major I am still passionate about today, and made every effort to give back to the LSU community.  I was an LSU Ambassador all four years, a S.T.R.I.P.E.S. leader for two and was also involved in various other endeavors including volunteer work and student employment opportunities. Through involvement, I made lifelong friends many of whom I’m still in regular contact with today.  Additionally, I made lots of time to study, because that’s what I was there for after all. I studied a lot with friends I made through involvement, which was helpful to stay motivated.  We enjoyed studying at coffee shops located around Baton Rouge. My college experience can be summed up in these few words: “It’s not about the day’s in your life, but about the life in your days.” 

My best advice for undergraduate students? Push yourself to meet someone new in every class you take and join at least one organization related to your major and one related to an interest/hobby you have.  It’s important to nurture both your future career goals and social needs.

My best advice for college parents?  Be close enough to where your students can find you, but far enough away to allow them to make mistakes, and (more importantly) learn from them.  I was lucky to have parents who did just that for me.  I learned a whole lot by learning how to navigate through my own battles – considerably more than I would have if my parents took care of them for me.  I made my fair share of mistakes, but what I’ve learned has shaped me into a confident, well adjusted, and grounded person.  Thanks, parents!

If you got this far, thanks for reading!  I’ve enjoyed my time at Parent & Family Programs and wish all LSU families a happy holiday season at home with your students.


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