Tutoring Student Athletes: Help On and Off the Field

Meet Millie, a junior sport administration major with a knack for leading and a passion for success.  She is a proud LSU Tiger and loves representing the university as she loves purple and lives gold everyday.

For the past month I have been working as a content tutor at the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes.  Tutoring anything from public speaking to leadership development to contemporary math, I have gotten to see the aspect of student athletes’ lives that not many individuals get to see.  Most students see student athletes as just that, athletes, and do not realize that they are students before they are athletes.  My experience with tutoring, so far, has honestly been more rewarding than anything. 

With the schedules of student athletes, it is hard from them to spend hours on end at the library like most other students on campus.  I have really been able to help the student athletes manage their time on and off the field and find ways to study their material with the free time they do have.  Helping these student athletes minimize the extra stress of managing time for schoolwork, practices, and games helps the student athletes perform better on the field as well as off the field.  A lot of student athletes have hopes of becoming successful not on the field after college, but in careers off the field such as engineering, social work, and work in the medical field.  Being able to help these student athletes fulfill these dreams while also balancing life as a student athlete has just been one other way that I have been able to Love Purple and Live Gold.


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