Why ALL Tigers Can and Should Study Abroad!

Calling all parents/families of aspiring world travelers!

Meet Kate Cronin.  She is an Intrepid National Student Exchange Coordinator in Academic Programs Abroad and soon to be intrepid ESL teacher in Argentina.  

Greetings, families of LSU study-abroad explorers students! I write to you from the office of Academic Programs Abroad (APA) here in Hatcher Hall. I devote my days here, alongside my fellow exchange coordinators and peer advisors, to helping your student figure out which study abroad program will be best for her or him, and then making that happen! Study abroad is a life changing experience that looks stellar on a resume. In other words, it’s a win-win proposition. At APA, we offer three sensational study abroad programs: LSU summer programs, international and national exchanges.

Our LSU summer programs take students to places all over the world where LSU faculty have designed unique courses of study that transform countries and cities into classrooms. And with guaranteed small class sizes, your student will have the opportunity to work closely with her or his professors and classmates in order to create a uniquely collaborative learning environment! Students come home with up to six LSU course credits, not to mention a life changing experience. Freshman, graduating seniors, and graduate students are all eligible to enroll.  

When it comes to international study abroad, we offer exchanges to over 40 countries and to every continent . . . except Antarctica (this makes us as sad as it does you).  Students can exchange for a semester or a year, and any major can study abroad! That’s right, any major – so no more excuses (I’m looking at you, business and engineering types!). We also offer semester and year-long domestic exchanges via the National Student Exchange Program. Students can exchange to 180 different schools within 48 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada (Not strictly “national,” but it’s such a great opportunity that we’re willing to overlook the semantics). In case you were wondering, Delaware and North Dakota are the only two states students can’t exchange to.

So there they are! Our fantastic, affordable programs that students can (and do) mix in weird and wonderful ways! Why not send your student to Paris for the summer, Hawaii for the fall and South Africa for the spring? The first step is a visit to 103 Hatcher Hall where our peer advisors – all APA study abroad alums themselves – and exchange coordinators will be overjoyed (seriously) to help your student find the perfect program for her or him!



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