The Four-Year Career Plan

Meet Jessica Sanders.

Jessica serves as a Graduate Assistant in Career Services.  Jessica graduated from the University of Tennessee in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and is currently a second year grad student in the Higher Education Program at LSU.  






Let’s see what Jessica has to say…

The college experience is an exciting time in any students’ life. The four years can breeze by in the blink of an eye.  To make sure that your student is on track with finding employment bliss at the end of their college journey, your student should be an active participant in starting their career while still an undergrad.

LSU Career Services is here to help with that journey from exploring majors, gaining relevant experience through internships or co-ops, applying to graduate school, and to finally landing that dream job!

Here is a peak at our Four-Year Career Plan, encourage your student to think about their career along every step in their LSU journey.

Freshman Year: Awareness

  • Meet with a Career Counselor to identify and explore career concerns.
  • Visit the Career Information Center (B-1 Coates Hall).
  • Let Career Services professionals help you transition your resume from high school to college.

Sophomore Year: Exploration

  • Join student organizations and professional associations related to your intended career field.
  • Upload your resume on Careers2Geaux.
  • Pursue internships and co-ops through the On-Campus Interviewing Program.

Junior Year: Experience

  • Sign up for HRE 3331: Strategic Career Planning.
  • Decide if graduate or professional school is necessary to reach your career goals.  If it is, start planning at the beginning of your junior year.
  • Schedule an appointment to have your resume(s) and cover letters(s) critiqued by a member of our team.
  • Attend the Career Expo.

Senior Year: Transitions

  • Identify professionals who are willing to serve as references and write letters of recommendation.
  • Schedule a mock interview with our office to fine-tune your interviewing skills.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter to each full-time position for which you apply.


For a more detailed description of the Four-Year Career Plan check out:


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